About Us

Puke Patrol is an emergency mobile service company specializing in removing, cleaning and disinfecting vehicles that have been contaminated by vomit, blood, urine or bedbugs.  Our mission is to rid vehicles of biological contaminates using EPA greener cleaning methods, protecting you and your vehicle from harsh cleaning methods. 

We're not detailers.  We are cleaning and disinfection professionals with the necessary CDC, ISSA and GBAC certifications.  What this means for you is that we have the knowledge and skill to effectively remove the mess, the stain and odor.  


As an emergency mobile service, we get to you fast.  We can meet you where you are, or at a predetermined location--whatever it takes to get your vehicle clean ASAP.  No need to wait.  As you may know, biological contaminates like vomit, urine or blood can not only leave a difficult stain, but an unpleasant recurring odor if not addressed quickly and properly.  Although most people and professional detailers can remove the mess and superficially mask the odor, most are unaware of the potentially harmful pathogens like Norovirus, Coronavirus and SARS lurking in the interior.  Puke Patrol is a bio-hazard remediation company.  We are specialists with the requisite knowledge, training and skill to get the job done right.  This means we have the science required to effectively address the problem of getting rid of the stain, harmful pathogens and recurring odors. 


We're members of ISSA

(International Sanitary Supply Association),

GBAC (Global Bio-Risk Advisory Council)